Dubai English Speaking School (DESS) and Dubai English Speaking College (DESC) are fee-paying, international schools. Following an offer of a school place by the Admissions Manager, an Acceptance fee will be requested by a specified date.

Acceptance Fees

(All Acceptance Fees are deductible from your child's first term fees and are non-refundable)

Acceptance Fees for External Students

DESS FS1 - Year 6 - AED 3,500

DESC Year 7 - Year 10 - AED 5,000

DESC Year 12 (Sixth Form) - AED 7,500

Internal Deposits

DESS Year 6 - DESC Year 7 - AED 3,000

DESC Year 11 - Year 12 - AED 3,000

Fee Schedule 2023/24

Year GroupFull Academic Year Fees AEDTermly Payments AEDDue Date
Foundation Stage 1
Term 1 - 13,674
Term 2 - 13,273
Term 3 - 13,273
1st September 2023
2nd January 2024
8th April 2024
Foundation Stage 2

Years 1 - 6
Term 1 - 16,924
Term 2 - 16,426
Term 3 - 16,426
1st September 2023
2nd January 2024
8th April 2024
Years 7 - 11
Term 1 - 26,764
Term 2 - 25,978
Term 3 - 25,978
1st September 2023
2nd January 2024
8th April 2024
Sixth Form
Term 1 - 28,767
Term 2 - 27,921
Term 3 - 27,921
1st September 2023
2nd January 2024
8th April 2024

KHDA School Fees Fact Sheet for DESS

KHDA School Fees Fact Sheet for DESC

Fee Schedule 2024/25

Year GroupFull Academic Year Fees AEDTermly Payments AEDDue Date
Foundation Stage 1
Term 1 - 16,571
Term 2 - 12,428
Term 3 - 12,428
1st September 2024
6th January 2025
7th April 2025
Foundation Stage 2

Years 1 - 6
Term 1 - 20,507
Term 2 - 15,381
Term 3 - 15,381
1st September 2024
6th January 2025
7th April 2025
Years 7 - 11
Term 1 - 32,432
Term 2 - 24,325
Term 3 - 24,325
1st September 2024
6th January 2025
7th April 2025
Sixth Form
Term 1 - 34,859
Term 2 - 26,144
Term 3 - 26,144
1st September 2024
6th January 2025
7th April 2025

Please Note: Total Annual Fees do not include charges for GCSE and GCE examinations or any external examination e.g. music, instrumental, dance, etc. These will be invoiced separately and charged on an individual basis. Information regarding the Examination Fees can be obtained from the Examinations Officer.

If your child will be leaving DESSC, please note one terms notice is required.  Please email Aisling Hubert, DESSC Admissions Manager, on [email protected] for full details. 

Sibling discounts

We are pleased to offer a discount on tuition fees for the third sibling and subsequent child in each family that is paying full fees for the academic year in either DESS Oud Metha, DESS Academic City or DESC.

  • A family enrolled with three siblings will receive 5% discount for child number 3, i.e. the youngest sibling
  • A family enrolled with four siblings will receive 10% discount for child number 4, i.e. the youngest sibling and 5% discount for the 2nd youngest child
  • A family enrolled with five or more siblings will receive discount mentioned above and 10% discount for any child after child number 4

The sibling discount for the whole year is calculated and applied in the Term 2 fee tuition invoice. Therefore the Term 1 and Term 3 invoice will be as published above. 

DESS to DESC Acceptance Fee – Year 6 Only

In Term 1, existing Year 6 students will be offered a place for Year 7 at Dubai English Speaking College. The offer will be subject to the payment of the Acceptance fee, by a specified date in that first term.

Acceptance fee – 3,000 Dhs Non-Refundable

Existing Year 6 students will not be subject to a Re-registration fee (detailed below) in this final year.

All acceptance fees paid will be deducted from the first term’s fee invoice but is non-refundable in line with KHDA regulations.

Please be aware of this when accepting the offer at DESS, if you later decide to send your child to another school in Dubai or elsewhere.

Accounts Department Working Hours

During Term dates: 

Monday to Thursday from 7.15am to 3pm  

Friday from 7.15am to 12pm  


Holiday breaks: 

Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm  

Please note the accounts office is not open to the public therefore you cannot visit the office.  However, the team are available on the hours mentioned above to reply to emails and phone calls.

Payment Options

Fees can be paid by credit card on the SKIPLY mobile app or via Bank Transfer/Bank cash deposit.  

In order to register, your child's Student ID is required (found on any invoice document). If you are a new starter, please wait until you receive your first tuition invoice. If you are unable to find the Student ID, please call our Accounts department to assist you.

For further information on the SKIPLY app, please view our Guide to SKIPLY.  

Bank Account Details

When making a bank transfer payment, please ensure that the following information is referenced on the transaction:

  • Your child’s full name or parent account code shown on the invoice and if space...
  • Your reason for payment e.g. tuition fees, acceptance fees, application fees, trip, bus etc.
  • Please email a receipt or evidence of transfer to [email protected]
Account name:Dubai English Speaking Special Branch College
Account number:101-49485189-01
IBAN number:AE500260001014948518901
Bank name:Emirates NBD
Bank address:PO Box 777, Dubai, UAE
Swift code:EBILAEAD