About DESSCares

Be Kind – Be Grateful – Be Human

The DESSCares Initiative aims to bring about positive, environmental and social change through education and active participation both within the UAE and further afield.

We want our students to experience and take the lead on a variety of onsite and Community initiatives which support sustainability, innovation and social responsibility. All DESC students will to continue to develop into responsible global citizens who take pride in their local and global environment.

We promote three core values within the DESSCares initiative which we feel bring together the vision of what we are trying to achieve, these being Kindness, Gratitude and Humanity.

We are excited to share details of a new fundraising campaign we have launched at DESSC, in partnership with United World Schools (UWS) and Dubai Cares. United World Schools is a UK-based charity whose mission is to ‘Teach the Unreached’. They build schools in rural communities where access to education is very limited.

In support of their mission, DESSC are hoping to fundraise 180,000 AED this academic year to fund the construction of a new school in rural Cambodia. As an inclusive institution ourselves, we believe that all children deserve the opportunity to a quality education and therefore we are excited to support UWS in their mission. We hope you will join us in supporting this campaign.