Technology Innovation and Enterprise at DESC

We embrace the concept of using technology to redefine tasks and improve teaching and learning experiences and we are also aware of our responsibility to ensure our students know how to use this technology appropriately.

Being ‘future-ready’ is something that we invest in for both staff and students and linking this to finding innovative ways to bring about positive change is vital. Looking at problems as opportunities and finding the best solutions is a mindset that all students are exposed to and therefore enterprise is used as a way of raising aspirations and creating challenges that enable students to think about improving the current environment and issues and also those that are ahead of us.

Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation form the core principles upon which learning experiences within the ICT and Computer Science Department are based.

Students at DESC have the opportunity to:

  • Study Aerodynamics in Science and then use this knowledge in Computer-Aided Design Software Fusion 360 to design an F1 car and print their designs on a Makerbot 3D printer. 
  • Race drones with other students, analyse the components that make up the Drone and then design add-ons to solve real-world problems. This project is linked to the UAE Government Drone Initiative 
  • Record footage on an array of different devices such as an Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro or a Mobile device in the real world or using the green screen and then edit using the latest Adobe Premier Pro CC software. 
  • Study Artificial Intelligence and use this knowledge to program a chatbot that mimics the conversation of a human being using an industry-standard programming language called Python. 
  • Collaboratively create worlds in Minecraft and then code the different blocks to behave in a certain way. 
  • Construct Robots using the Lego Mindstorms kits and then code them to move through an app they program on their smartphone. 
  • Participate in design thinking, robotics, and coding competitions in a range of local and international competitions. These are organised by some the world's top universities and companies such as Microsoft, CISCO, DEWA, Lego, ADEK and Heriott Watt University, University of Waterloo, and Cambridge University. 
  • Learn a range of industry standard coding languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Visual Basic. This knowledge is used to program games, apps and solve actual real-world problems. 
  • Gain exposure to a wide selection of emerging and new technologies in the world of 3D Printing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Drones and Virtual Reality. 


Students at DESC are given the following Enterprise Opportunities:

  • Enterprise ECA – Students from all year groups are invited to attend an Enterprise ECA where they are given the opportunity to develop business ideas. These ideas are developed and then sold on the school premises. 
  • BTEC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship – This vocational course, available to Sixth Form students, revolves around the creation of a micro-business which is operated on the school site. Students work in teams to create and develop an idea before launching it to the market. The majority of units subsequently studied on the course are contextualised to this micro-business.
  • KS3 Enterprise Competition – This exciting competition is run during form time. Students have two weeks to create an innovative product or service that is sold to students at DESC to help raise funds for Dubai Cares.
  • KS3 Enterprise Day – Students are given the opportunity to develop their enterprise skills during a day of enterprise activities. Most recently, students were asked to review the UN Sustainability Goals and create a social enterprise that targets one of these goals. Students pitched their ideas to an audience and faced questioning from a panel of experts.
  • Dragons’ Den – The Business Studies and Economics Department run a highly successful Dragons’ Den competition each year. Students are given a brief and must then prepare a pitch of their idea. Finalists are selected who then attend the final held at Emirates Aviation College, using their auditorium. Students pitch their ideas to a panel of high-profile business experts from the region.
  • Transition Day – DESS students are invited to DESC to work with the Business and Economics Departments. Last year, students played a trading game to understand the function of Business and their place within an economy.