Learn About Sixth Form

Since 2006, DESC Sixth Form has been providing students with an unrivalled KS5 experience. Exceptional teaching, world class facilities and extraordinary experiences ensure that our Sixth Form is continually oversubscribed and worthy of the many awards and accolades bestowed upon it.

With huge spaces, cutting edge study areas, dining, social, sporting and leisure areas our students are apportioned a space that is conducive to outstanding performance. Come visit us and experience our world class facilities that, in person, are truly remarkable.

Our Sixth Form students are role models. They rise to the extra responsibilities and privileges afforded them and leave well mannered, well rounded and well equipped to excel in Higher Education or the world of work.

We place great emphasis on creating a seamless transition to university. Our fully staffed Higher Education Department offers world class information and guidance ensuring that DESC students secure places at top establishments all over the world each year.

Pastoral care remains at the heart of the Sixth Form. A large, stable and expert team cares for our oldest students and ensures that their most formative years are ones where they learn independence, resilience, tolerance and grow into young men and women that the College will always be proud of.

DESC Sixth Form believes in delivering three inter-woven pledges that form the pillars of our development plan and guide our daily decision making


As a centre for academic excellence, DESC attracts students from all over the world and is consistently over-subscribed. Students graduate in Year 13 with the results and prowess to accept University places in prestigious establishments both in the UK and much further afield. This year over a quarter of our graduates are now at one of the UKs top 10 Universities with a further 90 students across the Globe attending Universities in the US, Canada, Japan and The Netherlands. The personal care we take of each, and every student affords them the confidence and emotional resilience to succeed.  Our Alumni programme allows us to monitor the future endeavours of our students with many of them supporting upcoming DESC graduates with their competitive applications.



Dubai English Speaking College (DESC) is an exceptional place to study and work. The physical space apportioned to our Sixth Form students would rival any University campus and ensures that our students are afforded every provision necessary to allow them to thrive and learn. A rich and generous ‘Super Curriculum’ ensures that outside of lessons our students are exposed to a wealth of enrichment opportunities and provided with platforms on which to compete and perform. The Sixth Form Centre is a lively place of academia often thronging with society meetings, debate and general social activity. 



Sixth Form is an interesting phase as it many ways it purely serves as a gateway to the next. At DESC we believe that everything we do should open as many doors as possible and therefore work hard with both students and parents in opening their eyes to the endless opportunities that await. With skilled professionals versed in post-16 information, advice and guidance we have the capacity to work with our DESC families in exploring future careers, potential University applications and ensuring that the transition from this phase to the next is as seamless as possible. For example, a comprehensive Oxbridge pathway is available for students alongside another for those pursuing Ivy League or Medicine.