National Agenda Tests

We are proud to say that DESS continues to celebrate exceptional results.

Our end of year assessment results in 2022/2023 were as consistently high as previous years showing outstanding progress and stability. 

  • GL Progress Test in English results: 92% reached the expected level or above.
  • GL Progress Test in Maths results: 92% reached the expected level or above.
  • GL Progress Test in Science results: 96% reached the expected level or above. 

TIMSS Results

Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) is an international assessment of student achievement in Mathematics and Science in Year 5.  64 countries participate and the tests are taken every 4 years.  We can use our data to compare how our DESS children achieve in Maths and Science compared to both UAE schools and schools internationally. Our results at DESS continue to be well above the Dubai average. 


PIRLS Results

PIRLS is the Progress of International Reading and Literacy Study and is conducted every five years. Worldwide, there were 60 participants in PIRLS 2021, including 50 countries and 11 benchmarking participants. PIRLS assesses students’ abilities to comprehend and construct meaning from different written language forms, for different purposes.

Reading – Advanced International Benchmark (640)

As ever we are not complacent with these results and are continually looking for ways to improve even further to ensure our results are as awesome as our children.