Environmental Responsibility is something we care about and at DESC we try to be sustainable in as many ways as we can. The DESC Eco Club are passionate about promoting and embedding eco-friendly initiatives around the College. Environmental Awareness Week is a themed week led by the Eco Club which seeks to promote new ideas and initiatives across the College and highlight the importance of being environmentally responsible not just on campus but within our local and global community. As a Community, we also seek to reduce our plastic and paper waste and where possible, avoid using materials like plastic altogether.

We are always open to new and innovative ways of being more sustainable. Below are a few examples of environmental responsibility in action at DESC.

DESC Eco Club – the group are currently working hard to attain Green Flag status at the College, researching innovative ways to be sustainable and encouraging others to be more environmentally responsible.

The DESC Desert Garden – the centerpiece of the College site, we are very proud of the Desert Garden which is now home to many edible plants and herbs, used in many DESCafe recipes and Food and Nutrition lessons. Our gardener, Mohamed, takes good care of the plants and invites students to learn about the garden too.

Recycling paper and plastics – we have teamed up with the InfoFort Greenbox initiative to recycle our paper waste together with EcoPlastics who re-use our plastics to create garden furniture (including our very own Desert Garden benches!)

Our Green Pledge – each tutor group sets an environmental goal for the year which they collectively aim to achieve.