Immerse Yourself

Life in DESC Sixth Form is vibrant and full. With a rich weekly schedule of events and learning experiences, designed to challenge and excite our students, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional experiences and creating life-long memories.



DESC Sixth Form students have the benefit of a purpose built Sixth Form Centre, which provides various independent learning spaces for private or collaborative study. At its heart is an extensive communal social area with all day dining, wellness rooms, a high-performance gym and a Zen Garden. Designed with students in mind, the space mirrors the ethos of the College and is truly a spectacular part of the campus providing our students with a university style experience. The DESC branded pool table remains a favourite of our students, but we are always looking to procure further interesting facilities and to use the spaces for extraordinary events and experiences.


It is difficult to describe the DESC Sixth Form student as we pride ourselves on nurturing individuality and celebrating diversity. However, key values hold the student body together and are explored in regular Keynote assemblies and modelled daily by staff. Therefore, the DESC Sixth Form student could certainly be described as tolerant, kind and well-mannered but also ambitious, confident and resilient. Success is celebrated but students are also taught to be magnanimous and humble. Leadership features heavily as a theme at Sixth Form and serves as a reminder that it is every Sixth Formers responsibility to be a role model and ambassador. Those who choose to pursue Leadership roles can aspire to become a member of the SSLT (Student Senior Leadership Team) which provides a unique and coveted insight into the workings of the College and exposure to the SLT (Senior Leadership Team) on a regular basis. Student voice is heard and every student is provided with the tools and the platforms to support Global concerns, local culture and worthy causes. We urge our students to create an aspirational legacy and for every cohort to outperform the one that went before them, thus creating a driven and inspired student body.



As it should, studying forms a generous portion of the daily diet of our Sixth Form students. However, studying in the Sixth Form is very different from the experience students have had previously and work is done with students to help them understand the Science of Learning and therefore improve their study habits. Unlike at GCSE or IB, students take a much smaller range of subjects, yet the depth is incomparable and allows students to truly immerse themselves in subjects for which they are passionate. We are well versed and equipped to support students who find the initial transition a challenge and use coaching and mentoring to ensure that the pace and demands of their Level 3 courses are eventually met and that those students can be independent and thrive. DESC students become lifelong learners and are prepared for further study at university or the world of work.





Overall, DESC Sixth Form provides everything necessary for a young person to flourish in their most formative years. It shapes the adult they will become and equips them with the skills, knowledge and emotional intelligence to make wise choices. Ultimately it sends them on to the next phase of their life with an incredible lasting impression of education, which for the majority, leaves them eager for more. Through DESC’s vast range of personalised pathways which can create a curriculum suitable for the widest range of students, DESC ensures that all succeed, all are supported, and all look back on their Sixth Form years with warmth and fondness.