Our vision at DESS is to nurture independent, confident and resilient learners who respond to challenge and aspire to reach their full potential. We aim to develop self-worth, mutual respect and enjoyment in the process of learning for all children.  

At DESS, Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about improving education for all and providing children with the best start in life. We ensure quality education is received through targeting barriers and addressing needs, this is a central feature of our school values and ethos. 

Our highly qualified Learning Zone team deliver a range of interventions and inclusive strategies. Using both outside agency specialist reports and internal assessment, our children are supported through one-to-one tailored programmes, booster and focus groups and in-class support.

Modification and the removal of barriers is a fundamental part of curriculum planning at DESS. Lessons are modified to meet the needs of learners. Through responsive planning and Quality First Teaching, we continually reflect and adapt lessons to meet the needs of our children. This approach ensures teachers are highly successful at modifying the curriculum to personalise the learning journey for all children. 

DESS 360 Care

As staff, we are committed to supporting the needs of all the children in our care. Both academic and pastoral needs are at the forefront of DESS’ ethos, as both aspects are of equal importance ensuring we nurture well-rounded and confident individuals. 

As parents, we entrust our children to the care and support of DESS. We are confident that the school has both academic progress and emotional wellbeing at the heart of everything it does.  

As children, we love our school and will do our best to achieve. We are not afraid to take risks with our learning, knowing that DESS is always there to support and encourage us. 

The role of external agencies is to provide guidance and support for staff, parents and children. We work closely with the school to develop well rounded and confident young people.

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DESS pupil playing in the playground

A Day to Day Picture of Inclusion 


From the moment we receive an application, we work with families to ensure we are supporting them with the admissions process. This process is designed around the needs of a child and may include visits to other educational settings, spending time at DESS outside of the regular school day and speaking to specialists who are working with the child. What is most important is ensuring that children and their families can see if DESS is right for them.

Joining DESS

Once an application is received, each application is reviewed on an individual basis to see what we need to put in place for a move to DESS to be as successful as possible, this includes transition days being put in place. Initial assessments are carried out to ensure early identification of needs and children are given buddies to support them with the move. 

Learning at DESS 

When identification of need has taken place, high-quality strategic support is put in place to match the needs of a child. The Learning Support department (Learning Zone), work with class teachers to ensure the needs of the children are being met through the Wave Model approach to learning. The majority of children have their needs met through a Wave 1 level of support. When Wave 2 or 3 level of support is needed, suitable/tailored strategies and accommodations are put in place and shared with parents.

Moving on

When the time comes, we liaise closely with Dubai English Speaking College to ensure a smooth and successful transition. We understand that international moves are common and support our families with this transition. Specialist reports linked to individual support records and outside agency assessments are shared alongside any recommendations received. 

Inclusion Framework

We are fully compliant with the Dubai Inclusion Education Policy Framework, as Inclusion is at the heart of everything that we do. All children at DESS, receive a personalised curriculum to ensure we are fully meeting both academic and social development needs. These follow the layers of the Inclusion Framework Pyramid below

Inclusion Framework Pyramid



DESS caters for children with a range of additional learning needs and ensures they are not refused admission based only on their experience of SEND. Every application is looked at on a ‘case by case’ basis and is not dependent on a medical diagnosis. Places are offered, based on our guiding principle that we are able to meet a child’s learning needs to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Apply to DESS

DESS ensures that children with SEND needs will receive ‘sibling priority’ in line with the school policy