“We promise to look after our planet, to change our habits and take responsibility for the size of our footprint on the natural world”

DESSCares - Student PromiseOur Sustainability promise was created using an accumulation of ideas from the School Council, Environmental Leaders, Facilities Team and the Teaching Staff.  We at DESS are committed to working towards a better world for the children in our care.  This promise reflects our commitment towards the Sustainable Development Goals and working to reduce our carbon footprint on the natural world.  

We are so very proud to announce that we have been awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award. This is a prestigious international award and the largest global sustainable schools programme, which has recognised our actions and commitment to creating a school with understanding, taking ownership, and caring for our planet as an integral part of our children’s learning.

3 Green Action Plans

DESSCares - Watering PlantsEach year sees many Sustainable practices at DESS, all set up of by the children in the Environmental Committee, Environment Leaders, Earth Club and through working closely with programs such as Eco-Schools UAE.

We are very proud of the support we have from our parents and how the children are able to extend their eco practices in their every day lives outside of school. 

Find regular updates of how we reach out to our community, displayed on the DESSCares notice board at school.


Sustainable Practices 

The DESS Urban Farm

DESS Cares - Student's PlantersThe creation of the DESS farm to promote Good Health and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

While learning about compatible planting we’ve enjoyed a healthy harvest of Parsley, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil and Rocket.  Keep up to date with our social media to continue to learn of the health benefits of these foods, as well as our composting program.

Say “No thanks!”

Children have been saying “no thanks” to single-use plastic both at home and at school.

Our Class Promises

Each class has made a promise (displayed on their classroom door); does your child know their class promise, and what are they doing to fulfil that promise? 

The DESS Cafe

Our catering company at DESS is committed to Sustainable Practices and offers our children healthy and balanced meals made from fresh ingredients while using decomposable packaging.