Curriculum at DESS

DESS is an English speaking school and an English National Curriculum School; we follow the key outcomes and objectives required, particularly in the core subjects of Mathematics, Literacy and Science.

To ensure our curriculum is irresistible, our lessons are delivered in a way that is meaningful, relevant, challenging and progressive for all of our children. Awe and wonder sit at the heart of all learning enquiries, as well as pursuing the interests of the children. We encourage our DESS children to be excited, to be curious, to be challenged and to challenge themselves, and to have agency in shaping their learning journey. 

Alongside the teaching of the core subject skills, in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, Continuous Provision sits at the heart of our learning model. In Year 2, the children take part in both Continuous Provision and Invent, Explore, Inspire (I.E.I.) experiences, as part of their transition into Key Stage 2. 

The Invent, Explore, Inspire (I.E.I.) curriculum at DESS is designed to prepare our children for success in the rapidly changing world of the future. This innovative curriculum is a dynamic blend of traditional subjects and experiential learning where our children are encouraged to take risks, embrace new challenges and to develop a deep sense of self.

Through outdoor learning, problem solving and creative thinking, the children develop the skills they need to succeed. Our curriculum recognises that the whole child is important, and we prioritise their emotional, physical, and social wellbeing alongside their academic progress. 

At DESS, we believe that our Invent, Explore, Inspire curriculum sets our children on a path towards a bright and successful future. Our children leave us as confident, compassionate, and innovative individuals who are ready to tackle whatever challenges come their way. 

Our excellent standard of teaching also ensures our children develop key learning skills, such as collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, through our ‘Developing Character: The 6Cs’. We are whole-heartedly committed to ensuring our young people are fully ‘future ready’, by nurturing those skills that will enable them to thrive in the 21st century. 

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