Key Stage 3

Within the Faculty we incorporate dance/movement work within the KS3 Drama Curriculum as a way of encouraging students to expand their Drama experience and produce work which is more physical in nature, being influenced by current trends in contemporary Theatre.


Key Stage 4

As a GCSE course, Dance provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills as a choreographer and performer, whilst also encouraging them to enhance their appreciation for Dance as an art form. Through studying various famous pieces, creating solo compositions and performing dance-works that are prescribed by the examination board, students learn to interpret and analyse their own work and the work of others. Students are formally assessed on a solo performance, a duet/trio choreography/performance and a group choreography. Students will also study an anthology of six professional dance works through practical and theoretical study. The final written paper is in three parts and focuses on performance and choreography skills as well as analysing and evaluating the anthology of dance works. 


Key Stage 5

Students also have the option to study the Level 3 CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) Diploma. Students can follow one of three pathways; Acting, Dance or Musical Theatre with the courses aim being to prepare students for the performing arts industry. Examples of units available are: Acting for Camera, Audition Techniques, Drama in the Community, Vocal Techniques, Working with Masks or Puppetry, Approaches to Acting and many more. Examples of the Dance units include Dance Fitness, Global Dance Styles, Dance Techniques, Ensemble Dance and Jazz Dance for Musical Theatre, Dance Audition Preparation and Creating a Dance Company. 


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