Foundation Stage (FS1 - FS2)

A very warm welcome to Foundation Stage. 

Foundation Stage at DESS consists of FS1 (age 3-4) and FS2 (age 4-5). We pride ourselves on providing solid foundations for each child’s learning journey through a play-based, fun and exciting learning approach, whilst following the UK EYFS early years curriculum. 

DESS - Foundation Stage LearningOur philosophy of children learning through play and hands-on, active experiences ensures that all children develop strong learning skills and a real love of learning whilst also making rapid progress within the seven areas of learning. Our highly skilled and passionate team of Early Years practitioners provide a range of learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors whilst also carefully tracking each individual child’s development. Rated Outstanding by the KHDA and British School Overseas (BSO), our experiences are meticulously planned to ensure that they not only excite the children but also are appropriate for their developmental needs and interests. 

The EYFS curriculum is vibrant and exciting. Planning is meticulous and reviewed regularly to ensure that it caters for children’s needs and interests. - BSO 2019/2020 report

DESS - Foundation Stage TeacherIn addition to play, children also have daily Maths and Phonics lessons as well as daily reading and writing sessions in FS2. The curriculum is enhanced through an appreciation of the local culture of the UAE as well as the children’s home cultures. We also provide a range of specialist lessons including Music, Dance, Swimming and P.E. 

Parents are kept well informed of their child’s learning journey and are encouraged to work in partnership with us at all times. Regular information meetings, weekly open sessions and our open-door policy at the beginning and end of the day ensure that we maintain high levels of parental engagement. Our school has a 'small school feel' where every child and parent is a valuable member of the school community.

We offer a Foundation Stage 1 SuperClub where there are further opportunities to develop the children's enquiring minds through a range of fun, active and engaging play-based experiences after school. We also offer a bus service, fitted with individual 3-point seat belts, from Foundation Stage 1 upwards. Please take a look at our Foundation Stage bus video for more information. Please note that all buses leave DESS between 2.30-2.45pm, therefore, if you wish for your Foundation Stage 1 child to use the bus service, SuperClub sign up is also necessary.

With the child at the heart of all that we do, as well as a rich history of over 60 years of excellent teaching and learning, we recognise each individual’s unique qualities to provide a caring, friendly and nurturing environment that is conducive to learning and happy!

Important Information

Please find below some important curriculum documents and parent handbooks for Foundation Stage, as well as ensuring your child is 'school ready'.

Before your child attends school

Before your child attends school, please practice:

  • Going to the toilet to enable them to become as independent as possible, for example, can they pull down/up their own clothes and go to the toilet by themselves.
  • Dressing independently, for example, can they pull down/up zips on shirts/dresses, take off and put on shoes by themselves, take off own jumpers/cardigans etc.
FS Snack Boxes
  • Please ensure that your child's snack box is filled with healthy and nutritious food and snacks. 
  • In FS1, there is one snack per day. 
  • In FS2, there are two snacks per day, except for a Friday, where there is only one snack, due to a shorter day.  On Monday to Thursday, therefore, please ensure that your child has enough to eat for two snacks.
  • Please note due to allergies, that we are a Sesame Seed & Nut Free School, therefore, please ensure only sesame seed free and nut-free products in lunchboxes.  Nutella also counts as a nut product, as it contains hazelnuts and should not be sent to school. 
  • If you are putting grapes into your child’s lunchboxes, in order to prevent a choking hazard, please ensure that they are cut in half long-ways.
  • Please no pork in the lunchboxes.
  • Please note that there is no facility to heat up food. 
Play & Reading at Home
  • Allow your child as many play opportunities as possible and join in, but try not to be tempted to take over!  Let your child lead their play sessions and give you direction.  Encourage as many talking and language opportunities as possible. 
  • Messy and sensory play - allow your child plentiful opportunities to get messy during their play, whether it be sand, water, paint or even jelly and shaving foam!  This is a vital part of your child's development.
  • Read as many different types of books with your child as you can, allowing them to listen to you read and talk around the text.  Ask them questions and get them to point to different pictures as you go.  Model reading for pleasure and show your child how fun reading can be!
Information and videos to support your child with Phonics

Please visit the 'Little Wandle' website where you will find videos and information to help you support Phonics at home. Please click on the parents' section and explore the resources.

Little Wandle website

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