Library at DESC

DESC students are privileged to have such a fantastic facility available in the form of our library. Whether students want to read for pleasure during break time, research and continue their classwork through our outstanding range of resources or take part in one of the many activities that occur in the library, the facility caters for all of their needs.

Our Sixth Form students are becoming increasingly more familiar with the study guides available. They are taking advantage of the quiet space in which to revise, where the outside world disappears and they can focus on much needed study.

“In turbulent times, we need children’s books to provide a safe space from which to help make sense of the world.” – Tricia Adams, Chair of 2017 Medals

We provide large interactive screens for presentations and current affairs, a suite of 26 computers and iPads, a collection of over 14,000 fiction, non-fiction and reference books including audible and eBooks, which are continually being updated and added to. The library also offers KS3 students the opportunity to keep up to date with world current affairs through the weekly digital 'FirstNews' periodical. KS4 and KS5 students enjoy digital access to ‘Hodder Educational Magazines’ covering a wide range of subjects, topical articles, cutting edge research and brand-new case studies. We create a welcoming environment where students can drop-in before tutor time, at break, lunch and after school. Our librarian, Ms. McAnena, and our library assistant, Ms. Retumban, are always on hand to offer reading support and book recommendations and we truly feel that our library offers something for everyone.

We offer our students the opportunity to become Student Librarians. The KS3 Team Support the KS4 team by keeping the library tidy and up to date. KS4 Librarians run and support events throughout the year. These include Horror Stories, War poems and the Literary Café to name a few. They come with wonderful ideas to make the Library the place to be.

Our main aims are to promote a love of reading and to offer a space during lessons, at break times and after school where students can come to read, relax, study or collaborate.

With technology taking over many areas of our life, the book is less frequently used but listening to our students; I hear that the printed form still holds appeal. 

Mrs Michelle McAnena
Leader of the Library