The Medical Team

The DESS school nurses are Mrs Susan McLean and Mrs Lorna Brown and the DESS school doctor is, Dr. Francoise. The medical team are here during school hours to provide the following:

  • COVID-19 case management.
  • Administration of first aid and emergency care.
  • Administration of vaccines at school, in line with the DHA immunisation schedule.
  • Measure students height, weight and BMI.
  • Collaboration with parents and staff regarding specific health related concerns.
  • The co-ordination and supervision of school medical examinations.
  • Health promotion.
  • Maintenance of school health records.

Get To Know Our DESS School Medical Team

Get to know Nurse Susan

Get to know Nurse Lorna

Get to know Dr Francoise


Students are not permitted to carry medicine with them. If your child needs any medicine whilst they are at school, please hand it to the nurses with instructions and it will be stored safely in the clinic.

The nurses have medications for basic ailments at school which can be given if consent is provided.


Please ensure that copies of your child’s immunisation records are given to the nurses. It is important that your child is vaccinated as appropriate.

School Medicals

The Dubai School Health Services requires that all schools carry out a ‘School Medical Examination’ on new students and students in FS1, Year 1 and Year 5.

This service is currently offered to you at DESS free of charge. The medical examination will be carried out at school by our school doctor. The school nurse will be present throughout. If you would prefer to take your child to your own family doctor for the medical examination, please notify the nurses who will give you the appropriate form. The form must be returned to school and will be kept on file in your child’s school health record.

Any relevant medical information/announcements throughout the school year will be found on the DESSC Parent Portal/iParent App. Please do not hesitate to contact the nurses with any questions/queries you may have via the school telephone number or by email: 

Mrs. Susan McLean – [email protected] 

Mrs. Lorna Brown – [email protected]

Infection Control

Parents should maintain awareness and adhere to DHA and school regulations regarding the control of infection. 

  • Students should remain at home if they have a fever (temperature of 37.5 degrees centigrade or above), and they must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. 
  • Students should not be given any medications before school to reduce a temperature. 
  • Students should not come into school if they have vomiting and diarrhoea and must be symptom free for 24 hours prior to returning. 
  • Parents should inform the school of any diagnosis that may affect the health of the other students in the college. 


Swimming is an important and compulsory part of the curriculum at DESS. Please be advised that in order to miss a swimming lesson for medical reasons, we need to have a medical letter from your treating doctor. If you do not have a medical letter, your child will be assessed by the school medical team to deem if they are fit to swim. Please bring your child's swim kit to school every week. If you do forget your child's swim kit, we do keep spare kits in the PE department should we feel that your child is well enough to swim.

Please rest assured that the swimming pool is safe and does not cause or exacerbate illness. The pool is temperature controlled and the children wear swim caps to keep their hair dry. After lessons, the children are encouraged to quickly dry and change themselves back into uniform.

Student Advisor

We have a Student Advisor who works at the school. The Student Advisor works in conjunction with teachers and medical staff to provide social and emotional wellbeing for all students in the primary school environment.