Inspection Reports

As an outstanding British school in Dubai, DESS is monitored by several bodies to ensure the consistent quality of the education we offer through ongoing reviews and inspections.

KHDA Inspection

In our latest inspection for 2022-2023, we were judged to be ‘Outstanding’.  For an in-depth view of our latest assessment, please click on the links below:

Full Inspection Report 2022-2023

Inspection Summary Report 2022-2023

Wellbeing Rating 2022-2023

The school reports provide a comprehensive review of the performance of each school in Dubai. The reports are shared with schools to help inform improvement planning. The reports provide parents in Dubai with detailed information about school quality to help inform their choice regarding school selection. The information will also help parents work closely with schools, as partners in learning, to help facilitate school improvement.

Inspectors evaluate school performance using a number of quality indicators. These are applied consistently across all schools in Dubai.

BSO Inspection

Dubai curriculum-based schools in Dubai can apply to participate in British Schools Overseas inspections, which are carried out at the same time as those by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB). Schools will be inspected against standards that are equivalent to those for independent schools in the UK, taking into account local requirements.

BSO inspection is a voluntary scheme for the inspection of British schools overseas, whereby schools are inspected against a common set of standards that British schools overseas can choose to adopt.

The British Schools Overseas (BSO) inspection is available to schools who are members of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). This inspection is very closely linked, in terms of framework and standards, to the inspection process carried out by Ofsted.  BSO inspect British curriculum schools every three years.

'Outstanding' DESS BSO Inspection Report for 2019/20 

'Outstanding' DESS BSO Inspection Report for 2015/16